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Trigli Fat-Reduction Fat Freeze Treatment 

What is a Fat Freeze Treatment?

Trigli Fat Freeze is a non-invasive treatment for the reduction  of stubborn areas of fat. By use of vaccum technology, the fat is drawn into the applicator chambers, where it is first warmed for a few minutes to help with skin tightening, before the freezing process begins. The total treatment time is 45 minutes, and it can be repeated every 4 weeks. 

Who is a good candidate for Fat Freeze?

Anyone with hard, pinchable areas of fat is a suitable candidate for Trigli Fat Freeze.


If you have a healthy diet and exercise regimen, but cannot seem to get rid of difficult pockets of fat, this treatment is a great way to reduce those stubborn areas!


 Ideally, candidates should maintain healthy eating habits, avoid processed foods, and drink plenty of water before, during, and after the time of their treatment.

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What to expect after a treatment?

After the treatment, you can immediately return to your daily activities, as there is no down time! Mild bruising and soreness may occur, but will subside within a few days. 



Results of the Trigli Fat Freezing treatment vary based on the individual and are based on factors such as age, quality of the fat being treated, diet, alcohol intake, water intake, genetics, exercise, etc. The final results can take up to three months to show.

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The experience was good, the place is clean. Dorota is nice and professional and I would like to come back.
Enti D, April 2018 - Google Review

I went in for one fat freeze session on belly area and I saw results within two weeks. It hurts at first for few minutes but then you numb up and do not feel it. I would really recommend this treatment to anyone.

Zaret J, April 2018 - Yelp Review

I purchased a Groupon for my lower abdomen and I have to say I love my results so far, I purchased a package and just had my second session, including additional areas. Looking forward to final results :) Dorota has been very helpful and honest regarding what will work best for me. Highly recommended

Leslie R, May 2018 - Yelp Review

I went here to get fat freeze done, I am already seeing a difference in my stomach area. If your thinking about getting this done, you should it is definitely worth the try! Also staff was nice, as they check in a few times during my treatment.

Kiana, May 2018 - Google Review

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Tried the fat freeze on a stubborn part of my belly with a Groupon. Why not? Smooth sculpting! Noticed my pants waistline was looser after a week. 2-3 more treatments and the "cottage cheese" bumps (15 years after childbirth) on my belly were gone.

Jane L, July 2018 - Yelp Review

Here are some ACTUAL customer reviews:

I had the fat freeze with Dorota . The experience was great very friendly and knowledgeable. She made me feel very comfortable. I had it done on my stomach and saw great results that I wasn’t getting for diet and exercise. I would definitely recommend you to come here if you want to get incredibly fast results.

Juana C, June 2018 - Google Review

Is this CoolSculpting?

No, our Trigli Fat Freeze treatment is not related to or associated with coolsculpting. Trigli Fat Freeze treatment consists of hot application, which helps with skin tightening, and cold application, which affects the fat cells. 


*Results of treatments vary based on the individual and may be impacted by factors such as age, genetics, stress level, lifestyle choices, diet, alcohol intake, water intake, smoking, exercise, etc.