Post-Operative Care

An important aspect of any surgical procedure is the post rehabilitation recovery process. Post-operative treatments aim to speed up the overall recovery process after surgery, enhancing your doctor’s work of art through additional shaping and sculpting. This also promotes rapid recovery and collagen production by delivering blood, nutrients, and oxygen flow to the affected areas, aiding in tissue repair. The treatment decreases post surgery discomfort, pain, anxiety, and body trauma, prevents post-surgery swelling, water retention, infections, breaks up existing scar tissue, and prevents the formation of new scar tissue.
In the case of liposuction, any lumpiness or unevenness that appears in the aftermath can be reduced by post-operative treatments. During the post-operative journey, we also offer advice regarding a proper diet, healing teas, ointments to decrease bruising, compression garment wear, post-operative abdominal boards, lumbar boards, belly-button plugs, abdominal foams, etc. Post-Operative care at Berry Blonde Spa is a personalized combination of lymphatic massage therapy, presso therapy, multipolar radio frequency and cavitation, and infrared light treatment.
We recommend at least 12-15 sessions total, twice a week.
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