Injectables, IVs & Booster Shots

Wrinkle Relaxers

We use various FDA approved products to relax your wrinkles and smooth out your skin. All injectables are performed by highly experienced, skilled, and qualified injectors. Retinoid prescriptions available upon request.

Each is session is designed to prevent formation of fine lines, as well as correction of exiting lines and wrinkles.

Available: Most FDA approved wrinkle relaxers available on the market.

🟣 Minimal Downtime.
💲 Starting $15 per unit.


We use various FDA approved products to increase volume and enhance facial, and body features. All injectables are performed by highly experienced, skilled, and qualified injectors. Retinoid prescriptions available upon request.

Each session is designed to correct and enhance features according to personal likings and preferences.

🟣 Minimal Downtime.
💲 Starting $690 per syringe.

IV Nutrition Therapy

IV nutritional therapy is commonly used for its wide range of health benefits, which include anti-aging, improved immune system, minimized anxiety, boosted energy, and detoxifying of the body. It works through the administration of vitamins, nutrients, minerals and amino acids directly into the bloodstream via an IV Infusion. IV therapies have a 100% absorption rate and get to work to replenish your hydration levels, restore your vitamin and nutrient balance, and refresh your cosmetic appearance.

🟣 No Downtime.
💲 Starting $280 per drip.

Immunity & Strength IV

Designed to help the immune system, prevent illnesses and make you feel better faster after getting sick.

It is perfect for those who need a quick turnaround or boost to their immune defenses. It charges your immune system, increases antioxidant capabilities to naturally detoxify the body.

Recovery & Power IV

Designed to help boost energy levels, support a healthy metabolism and have an uplifting effect on mood.

A blend of B-complex vitamins, L-Taurine and Methyl B12 provides the perfect “pick me up”, and is great for adrenal fatigue, low energy levels and long working hours.

Metabolism and Energy IV

Designed to shorten the time of recovery after an injury, a great night out, or/and potentially improve athletic ability.

A blend of Vitamin C, B-complex, amino acids and minerals accelerates muscle recovery, improves circulation, and helps you bounce back with enhanced endurance.

Vitamin Boosters Shots

The intramuscular vitamin injections that take seconds to administer, have a 100% absorption rate and offer lasting effects. Vitamin injections can help to support your overall health and wellness journey.

🟣 No Downtime. 
💲 Starting $80 per shot.

L-Glutathione Beauty Shot

As a powerful antioxidant, Glutathione may help fight the effects of free radicals, which cause oxidative stress, damage healthy cells and contribute to aging. It brightens skin, promotes collagen, detoxifies liver, and strengthens hair, skin, and nails. This beauty shot gives your skin more radiant glow and is Hollywood’s actors’ and top models’ number one choice.


Co-Enzyme Q10 Recovery Shot

Co-enzyme Q10, is an antioxidant used by the body for cell growth and maintenance. Co-Enzyme Q10 enhances physical performance, metabolism and weight loss, lymphatic drainage, immunity, memory, heart health, and more! It is perfect for low energy, athletic performance and recovery.

Lipo B12 Energy Shot

Vitamin B12, is an important vitamin needed for the brain, nerves, and production of red blood cells in our body.

B12 can bring on immediate health benefits. It helps to increase energy level and concentration, most important improves metabolism, and boosts the immune system.

Disclaimer: Spa services are intended to improve appearance, increase relaxation, reduce tension, enhance wellness, and offer other positive benefits. Results may vary from person to person and no results are guaranteed. Spa treatment is not a substitute for medical treatment or medications. The Spa does not diagnose or treat skin conditions, diseases or ailments of any kind and does not prescribe medications. It is highly recommended that you consult with your doctor prior to your Spa visit.

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