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Endospheres Therapy Cellulite Reduction & Radio Frequency

Endospheres Therapy is a non-invasive mechanical treatment that is highly effective in treating cellulite and causing fat reduction.

It uses the proven benefits of the Compressive micro vibration system that, through a roller device composed of 55 silicon spheres, generates low-frequency vibrations resulting in a restoration of the skin and its functions.

It reduces the appearance of cellulite and orange-peel skin, cuts down stubborn fat pockets, firms-up buttocks and legs, and lifts and reshapes your face, breasts, and body. The result is a smooth, firm, and youthful-looking skin and overall appearance.

We start each session with Lymphatic System opening sequence and the treatment is finished with 15 minutes of Derma Tight Pro skin tightening – a lifting & tightening Radio Frequency treatment that promotes collagen production for optimal results.

Firm pressure – addresses cellulite, muscle relief/pain, and fascia release (feeling of tightness).

Lighter pressure – excellent for lymphatic drainage, circulation and detox.


  • Removes fat cells through lymphatic and urinary system.
  • Treats cellulite and skin dimpling
  • Sculpts, contours, and lifts the body
  • Tightens the skin.
  • Tones Muscles.
  • Firms the skin and “exercises” the muscles.
  • Creates skin glow and radiance.
  • Boosts collagen and fibroblasts production.
  • Increases blood circulation.
  • Smooths and “irons” the skin.
  • Increases Lymphatic Drainage, and detoxifies.
  • Increases Venus return.
  • Slows down aging process.

ADD: Detox Slim Lymphatic Drainage, Infrared Sauna, TriGli Cryo Body Contouring, LED Healing Therapy, MuscleTone Triple HD EMS, Shock Wave Therapy, Derma Tight Pro Radio Frequency, Wood Therapy, Body Cupping Therapy, Non-Invasive Butt Lift, IVs, Booster Shots, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, Waxing.

🟣 Minimal Downtime
⏱ 60 minutes $ 244
⏱ 90 minutes $ 294 (full body including face and neck)
🔵 We recommend at least 12 sessions, twice a week

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