Detox Slim Lymphatic Drainage

This treatment is carefully designed to detox, sculpt and shape your body. It combines detoxifying lymphatic drainage and advanced body sculpting techniques with elements of myofascial release.
A body sculpting specialist, who is well trained in this unique treatment applies various detoxifying and contouring techniques to achieve a slimmer, toner, tighter silhouette. The treatment cleanses your body by dilating the vessels that pump the lymph fluid and waste through the body, on their way to be eliminated. This dilation may increase the fluid and waste movement by up to 10 times its normal rate.


• May promotes weight loss and fat reduction. Lymphatic systems facilitate fatty acid absorption from    digestive system. During fat digestion, fatty acids are digested and converted into lipoproteins. Lymph drainage vessels absorb that fat into the lymph fluid.
• Contours and shapes the body by manipulating connective tissue with combination of Myofascial Release Technique.
• Supports the body’s internal filtration systems to maximize natural processes such as metabolism, digestion, and auto-immunity.
• Accelerates the process of removing accumulated fluid and gas between the cells, and their catabolic residues, directing them through the body so that they are eliminated.
• Removes the buildup of cellular debris and increases the production of T-cells, which are a type of white blood cell responsible for tissue repair, auto-immunity, and fighting infection.
• Filters toxins, viruses and bacteria.
• Provides benefits to your entire body: large areas to small areas, from deep internal structures to the surface of the skin.


We recommend it as often as once a week.

*Please consult with your doctor to make sure you are eligible for this treatment.

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