PRP/Vampire Hair Restoration

This treatment is designed especially for women and men, who wish to improve their hair quality.

This cutting-edge procedure uses injections of your platelets, biotin, and growth factors from your blood to stimulate a stem cell response.

These “own platelets,” when injected back into the scalp, accelerate the body’s natural stimulation of hair follicles to create a beautiful, healthy hair. 

It may be combined with additional powerful biotin, exosomes, boosters, growth factors, and stem cell


  • Beautiful healthy hair
  • Active hair growth
  • Strengthening effect and volume increase

ADD: Biotin, Biostimulators, Stem Cells, Growth Factors, LED Healing Light (highly recommended), Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber.

🟣 Moderate Downtime
⏱ Duration of 75 minutes and frequency of visits depended on individual needs
💲 984 per session
🔵 We recommend a series of 3 sessions, one month apart

Prevent. Restore. Perfect.

Self Love is Self Care. One Treatment at the Time.

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