Signature Facial

We’ll bring your skin back to life by improving its firmness, texture, and overall glow. Your skin will be transformed into a visibly-hydrated, toned and healthy-looking complexion. Upon request, we’re happy to also include deep exfoliation, extractions, specialty masks, skin boosters, lifting/firming micro-current or high-frequency treatments, a chemical peel, or LED light therapy (fine line reduction). Add our Black Diamond laser carbon treatment for skin resurfacing, oil control, pore minimizing, and black head reduction. We also recommend adding Microdermabrasion as a gentle but transformative exfoliation that removes dead skin cells to reveal dewy, glowing skin, while eliminating fine lines, discoloration, and hyper-pigmentation. There is no downtime and it also works great on the back, neck and décolletage
We recommend a facial treatment at least every every 3-4 weeks.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

Our deep-pore cleansing facial aims to rid the skin of excess oils and stimulate circulation. We recommend this facial for clients prone to oily or acneic skin or for those with uneven complexion. Our goal is to leave you with fresh, clear, and radiant-looking skin by incorporating a combination of steaming, deep cleansing, and facial extractions that will remove any pore-clogging. We’ll finalize with a healing mask and moisturizers.

An ideal add-on is our Chemical Peel, a great way to stimulate collagen levels and improve the tone and texture of your skin. It reduces wrinkles, age spots, scars, and hyperpigmentation. It also treats conditions relating to sensitive skin. There may be a recovery period but it can be minimized depending on the strength of the particular peel. 

We recommend a facial treatment at least every every 3-4 weeks (*not applicable to the chemical peel).

Anti-Aging Facial

Our lifting and firming facial is carefully designed to target the process of aging. We’ll focus on restoring elasticity and firmness, while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our lifting/firming micro-current treatment (think gym exercises for your face!) will leave your skin toned, and your facial contours redefined. We finish this facial with a gentle peel to leave your skin tight and smooth. Our innovative radio frequency therapy uses waves to stimulate collagen development deep within the dermal layers of the skin. You’ll see an immediate and uplifting effect, followed by long-term skin tightening. This is a perfect treatment before a special event, as well as an easier option versus more invasive elective surgery procedures. Consider upgrading to our Caviar Skin Care Line for the ultimate million-dollar look.
We recommend a facial treatment at least every every 3-4 weeks.

Gentlemen’s Facial

This one’s for the guys, specifically formulated to address shaving-related issues such as facial sensitivity, razor burns or ingrown hairs. We’ll make your skin smoother and cleaner as we target areas roughened by spending time in the great outdoors, acne, clogged pores, excessive sweating and aging. And while we’re at it, we’re also happy to wax unwanted hair or trim your eyebrows.
We recommend a facial treatment at least every every 3-4 weeks.
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