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Laser Lipo

This treatment reduces pockets of unwanted fat painlessly that diet and exercise fail to achieve. Soft laser light breaks down those stubborn fat cells to give a slimmer more athletic appearance. 
















UltraSound Cavitation

The ultrasound waves create a pressure in the extracellular environment causing the fat cells to bursts like balloons. The fat then is being absorbed by the lymphatic system and transported to the liver where is being further processed and released as waste. 













Therma Lift


This treatment defies age and gravity. The radio frequency therapy warms us the superficial layers of the skin causing the collagen fibers to shrink once again and appear as vibrant and young.  It reduces the sagging and loose skin anywhere on the body especially face and the neck. It is a perfect alternative to face or neck lift. 












Fat Freeze Treatment 


This treatment is a great way to destroy the fat cells Its principle relies on the controlled cooling to a temerature +5 to -5 degrees C for the non-invasive localized reduction of fat deposits in irder to reshape the body. This is highly effective treatment.


















LED Therapy Mask Facial


A gental peel is used to prep the skin for the healing LED light therapy. Right before the mask we plump the skin with a special ultrasonic plumping device. LED light therapy is excellent for acne, rosacea, and smothing out fine lines and wrinkles. 











Classic Facial

We offer a wide variety of facials, that includes a classic signature facials also called customized facial, deep pore cleansing, or anti-aging pampering. We can certainly add a chemical peelmicrodermabrasion, micro-current or skin boosting serums according to your skin type and needs. Back Facials and Bikini Facials also avaliable. 












Brazilian Butt Lift/Fat tissue Transfer


This treatment is designed to lift and firm your butt manually. 

It is important to exercise and drink plenty of water. 

















Great addition to any facial. It is gentle but transformative exfoliation that removed dead skin cells and reveals glowing, healthy skin. It helps to erase fine lines, discoloration, and hyperpigmentation. Works great on back, neck and decollete. 













Chemical Peels, Specialty Masks & Skin Boosters


Peel is a great way to stimulate collagen level and improve texture of the skin. It helps with wrinkle reduction. We use TCA, Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylc acisds. The recovery period is determined by the strenght of tthe particular peel. We also offer a great variety of masks and skin boosters according to your skin type and needs.













The Gold Facial


This facial is an ultimate Gold treatment with 24kt gold scrub, litfing & Collagen stimulating massage and special eye treatment . Gold mask benefits include improved skin circulation, stimulated skin cells, reduced apperance of fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, increased radiance, elasticity, and lighter complection mask. We use only 24Kt pure gold productus for full benefits.


Payment options available: cash, debit, credit card (Visa and Mastercard)

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